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Ed’s Rail Dragster Project

Some say racing is a drug. When it’s in your blood, a transfusion is the only help. Ed Syer has been racing most of his life and his body just can’t handle going cold turkey.  So, why not take a step-down approach and make a go at building an old-school dragster for his quarter-mile fix.

Follow along as Ed goes from straight chromoly tubes to mega horsepower monster.

Update November 2016:

The frame is all put together now it’s time to add the goodies. Ed has been picking up some cool items. The car has a 468 BB Chevy with an Enderle Birdcatcher Fuel Injected Intake on Methanol to shake it out and get his NHRA license. The car will then be fitted with a 420CI SBC Dry Sump SB 2.2 with a Littlefield BDS 671, Lenco 3 speed CS1, Crower 3-disc Clutch, Moser rear-end and Strange Engineering Steering.

Update March 2017

Got tires while at the March meet Bakersfield 2017

Ed started out like most kids racing on the streets and figured he should make it right so he did some training and got his NHRA License in 1998 racing a ’87 Super Gas  Series Mustang in the 9.3’s at just under 150mph from 1998-2002. He sold the car to buy a cycle Dyno and opened HB Hogs and Choppers to compliment his shop Automotion.


In 2007 he bought a Harley drag bike from HD of Fullerton and ran 9.17 at 150mph until the racing series went bankrupt during the great recession of 2008.